One problem with learning new skills is that it takes too long to do it all by yourself. It takes a long time even with someone helping you along. Behavioral changes are very difficult because they require new experiences that we do not have the experience to understand. As we gain experience we built a foundation of automated behaviors that allow us to focus our attention on the next thing we think is important. The process repeats until you reach a limit. That limit can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Because you don't have the wisdom yet, these limits can be very destructive and life-altering. They don't have to be BTW. The right mentor can accelerate your performance by aiding self-discovery inline with what they have learned to be successful behavior. Think back to that time you had with someone who gave you a helpful tip that really helped you out. Now imagine that you had someone helping you through everything like that. What if he was actually a certified genius like Albert Einstein and he built a system for himself and decided to share it with you? 


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Good information

You're driving your car and come up to a stop sign. Then you put a blindfold on to see how good you are at guessing the timing of the next green light. A couple minutes go by and you don't have a clue what is happening. All of the sudden you hear 15 car horns and hear a bunch of yelling that seems to be directed at you. Turns out your not that good without the right information and you missed the greenlight and pissed a bunch of people off in the process. 

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Now imagine you did the same thing with no blindfold on and an extra tool that gave you a countdown until the light changed to green. How would that impact the results?

The right information is absolutely critical in everything especially trading. Having the right tools makes all the difference. You would be a superhero in no time if you had the right tool for the job. 




Time-tested strategy

How do you know if what you are doing is the right thing? Testing, testing again and adapting until you get to the right answer. This can be a very painstakingly arduous process. It took the only person on Earth capable of making Day Trader Genius over 15 years to release it. Then another decade to refine it so it would work as designed. Could you have stuck it out that long? Thankfully you don't have to and that Allen is on your side. I know I am. 



Day Trader Genius was designed to be able to test strategies that worked over time. Not just in the last quarter. The tools were tested on over 100 years of data before they were published for member use. That's tens of thousands of with every tool! You can be sure that we put it to the test before releasing it. 

These tools give you the ability to see if your strategy really works over time.


"There is no way I would be able to do what I do on the Market almost every day without these three things." 

Written by Steven Wright