There are tradeoffs to everything you do; pluses and minuses and unforeseen pitfalls along the way.  There are also unforeseen successes and opportunities when you create what you want in life.  Many people want something different or think that they want something different.  Most people fall into three categories: wanting more time to do what they want, more freedom to do what they want and or more money to do what they want.  All decisions in life are trades.  To get something you want you have to give something up.  As a society, we trade so much of our time and freedom for material goods and societal status.  This requires most of society to: sit in traffic commuting to work, stare at computer screens, be managed by incompetence, or stuff their bodies with processed junk only to get home exhausted and numb.  We trade the most valuable time with our family for a made-up family on the television. 

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You are only one, one decision away from making the life you want.  Your life can become drastically better with that one decision.  Maybe that’s quitting your job, leaving an unhealthy relationship, ending destructive behaviors, or shifting your perspective to bring more joy and fulfillment into your life.  The caveat to this decision is it must be non-negotiable.  It’s okay to be unsure and scared.  Not being able to see down a dark tunnel can be a tough proposition.  However, never venturing down the tunnel will only ensure you stay unfulfilled.  

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The world is full of an indeterminate amount of possibilities that you cannot predict and many you cannot control, just like the market.  Saying “what if this,” or “what if that” or “what happens when”, and allowing these questions to stop you will lead to a lifetime of fear and indecision.  Louis Pasteur said, “fortune favors the prepared mind” (thought) this is true but is not the whole picture.  One MUST act.  Virgil said, “Fortune favors the bold” (action).  I believe both are correct.  Make your one decision non-negotiable.   Prepare for what you can and believe in yourself for that which is unknowable and unpreparable, then act supporting your non-negotiable decision.  You may get the surprise of your life.  The possible outcomes are neither bad nor good, they just are.  If your trading decision is non-negotiable you will learn, grow, adapt, and overcome any obstacles that get in your way.  Once you accept that you cannot control everything and believe in yourself, none of the unknown can scare you back under the covers of your current situation. 

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So, throw the covers off, believe in yourself and GO FOR IT!

Look around!  Is the life you have traded for the one that you want?

What is the essence of the life you want?

What is one thing you can do today, no matter how small, to begin to create that which you desire?

Coach Jess


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.  Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

              -Samuel Beckett-